Ballets Russes at the Théâtre de l´Opéra, Paris, December 1928 – January 1929.

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Program: Le Chant du Rossignol (with A. Markova, F. Dubrovska), Les Dieux Mendiants (with A. Danilova, L. Woizikowsky), La Chatte (with A. Markova, S. Lifar), Soleil de Nuit (with G. Balanchin, A. Danilova, L. Woizikowsky), L´Oiseau de Feu (with F. Dubrovska, L. Tchernisheva, S. Lifar), Apollon – Musagète (with S. Lifar, A. Danilova, L. Tchernischeva), Pétrouchka (with T. Karsavina, S. Lifar, G. Balanchin).

M. & J. de Brunoff, Paris.

31,5 x 25 cm; [30, 8] pp. Saddle-stitch binding with light blue twisted cord. Cardstock wrappers and coated stock text block.

Illustration by Bauchant on the front cover.

On the inside numerous photographs of dancers, including T. Karsavina, A. Danilova, S. Lifar, and illustrations: 3 full-page ill. by Bauchant ( “L'Apothéose d'Homère“, „Laure et Petrarque“, „Scène Champêtre“); 1 full-page ill. by Goncharova (The Fire Bird).

Inserted the four-page program on December 20, 1928: Le Chant du Rossignol, Les Dieux Mendiants, La Chatte, Soleil de Nuit.  Loosely inserted  the four-page program on December 20, 1928 printed on  laid paper leaves:  Le Chant du Rossignol, Les Dieux Mendiants, La Chatte, Soleil de Nuit. 

Loosely inserted one more four-page program on  December 24, 1928  printed on  laid paper leaves with watermarks: The Fire Bird, Apollon – Musagète, Pétrouchka.

Inserted the four-page article about A. Bauchant in French. Wrappers are slightly rubbed, soiled and age browned. Loss of the lower outr corner of the back cover (ca. 3 x 2 cm). Spine and 2 leaves are worn, tears and minor losses of the pages. In good condition.