[Rozenbaum A]. [Rand, Ayn]. Pola Negri. Library of Popular Film. Moscow and Leningrad: Kino izdatel'stvo R.S.F.S.R., 1925.

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Octavo (14,5 х 11 cm), 16 p. 4 000 copies. Original pictorial covers with a modernist design by 'M.K.' Excellent condition. FIRST EDITION OF RAND'S RARE FIRST BOOK. Rand was just twenty when she wrote this monograph on the silent-film superstar -- one of the most controversial personalities of the period. Rand writes that even the 'American petty bourgeois', demanding pretty faces for his leading ladies, must 'kneel before this strong, energetic talent'. Rand's fascination with American cinema and Hollywood culminated in her emigration to Los Angeles. Her second book, Hollywood: American City of Movies, was published in Moscow the following year, without her permission, after her departure.