BALLET RUSSES, COMOEDIA ILLUSTRÉ, PAVLOVA, RUBINSTEIN, BAKST, TROUHANOVA. Set of 4 issues of journal Comoedia Illustré, 1909, first year of publication

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Size of all issues 31.5 x 24.5 cm, all issues in original paperbacks.
Michel de Brunhoff, Imprémerie Kapp, Paris.

1) Nr. 10, 15th of May 1909, first year of publication. [2], 267-296 p. On pages 282-287 articles about BALLET RUSSES and Opera Russe, with black-and-white photos of performers, e.g. Feodor Chaliapin, Anna Pavlova, Vaslav Nijinsky etc.

2) Nr. 11, 1st of June 1909. [2], 295-324 p. On pages 304-308 article about BALLET RUSSES and Opera Russe with black-and-white photos of performers.

3) Nr. 12, 15th of June 1909, [2], 323-352 p. On pages 333-338 article about “BALLET RUSSES” with black-and-white photos of performers, e.g. Ida Rubinstein, Natalia Trouhanowa, Anna Pavlova etc.

4) Nr. 16, 15th of August 1909, [2], 441-470 p. On pages 459-463 article about BALLET RUSSES.

All issues have wear on spine, general condition: good.