ELIOT FELD BALLET, FEIN, HUGHES, MILLER, SARRAY, LAFOSSE Photos (9) of the 7 shows, 1960-80s

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17th September 2021, 18:00
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Smaller photo 20.6. x 25.3 cm. Shows:  "Intermezzo" (1969-1972), "The gods amused" (1971), "Circa" (1980), "Emrace tiger" (rehearsal), "Harbinger" (1967), "The real McCoy" (1974), "The consort" (1970).  Performers: Eliot Feld, Michaela Hughes, Linda Miller, Christine Sarray, Elisabeth Lee, Lawrence Rhodes, Helen Douglas, Edmund LaFosse, Richard Fein etc. Photographers: Lois Greenfield, Thomas Victor, Martha Swope, Herbert Migdoll. On the back side descriptions of the shows, owner's inscriptions, stamps.