[S. Lifar's autograph, autograph L. Pageot-Rousseaux] Lifar, Serge. The soul and dance of Paul Valery. With original lithographs by L. Pageot-Rousseaux. Librairie Gallimard, 1954.

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38.5 x 28.5 cm; [76] p.
Copy No. 2 of the 50 numbered copies. The copy belonged to Jeanne Brulé. Inside the top cover there is an owner's inscription. On the first page is a full-page drawn autograph by S. Lifar - a gift inscription with the date "18.
XII. 54", on the second page is the inscription "L. Pageot-Rousseaux. On the page. 4 facsimile from P. Valerie, on page 6 - S. Lifar's facsimile.
The book consists of separate unbound double folded sheets of veiled paper with an uncut edge, in a common publishing soft folder and in a case. Each spread (except the first two and last one) has a color lithograph and a French text on the other.
Scuffs on the edges, on some pages. Foxy, dirt on the cover and the case.
The advertising card of the publishing house with the invitation to presentation of the Pageot-Rousseaux book is enclosed.