Publishers files for a magazine's Le Théâtre 13 anniversary, Paris, 1899-1912, Nr. 13-336.

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All Nr. from 13-336 with none missing. All included in 27 tomes.
Each tome's size: 36,5 x 28 cm. In french.
File for 1899 (1 tome a year); files for 1900-1912 (2 tomes year)
Files in publishers cardboard cover with golden lettering on the back. Design by George de Feure.
Nr. include numerous b/w photographs and coloured illustrations.
Tomes for 2905-12 have a list of Nr. included in the tomes and the list of illustrations.
In tome for 1899 the block is separated from the backside.
In the tome July-December 1904 some pages are separated from the block. The tome for January-July 1905 includes the magazine Le Theatre №385, 1920.
Minor discolorations on the covers, signs of wearing on the backside. Each tome is in good condition