Lucienne PAGEOT-ROUSSEAUX (1899 - 1994): Sketch of a dancer to the ballet "Walks through Rome" ("Promenades dans Rome").* 1936

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Paper, ink, pencil, 42 x 32 cm. Below numerous inscriptions and remarks in pencil Opera Promenade dans Rome Serge Lifar L.Pageot-Rousseaux 1936.
Drawing is used as illustration to the book Serge Lifar a l'Opera. Foreword by P. Valery. Text by Jean Cocteau. With contributions of S. Lifar. Drawings and design by L.Pageot-Rousseaux. Publisher Thibault de Champrosay, Paris, 1931

Lucienne Pageot-Rousseaux (1899-1994) - French painter and illustrator. Ballet was the primary theme in her works.