3 small catalogues and autograph of Erte.

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17th September 2021, 18:00
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1) A page with Erte's signature, used for reproduction during printing.
Paper, ink. 27 x 18,3 cm. Minor dirty spots.
2) Catalogue from Grosvenor Gallery. 1967. 21 х 26,7 сm.
3) Two catalogues "Fashions" with Erte's covers for Harper's Bazaar magazine.

Erte (born as Romain de Tirtoff, 1892-1990) - changed his name, as he has left St. Petersburg and  the destined military career for Paris in 1912. He began to work as a stage and costume designer. He worked closely with Paul Poiret and designed costumes for such ballet and stage stars as Mata Hari, Anna Pavlova, George Balanchine and Lilian Gish. Erte also created a number of covers for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue magazine. When Erté reached an advanced age, he engaged in lithography and serigraphy (one of the most complicated printing techniques of his time).