Karl Leopold von Kiel (1789-1851): Uniforms of Russian Army. Album with 42 lithographs of the uniforms of Russian Army. 1816

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6th July 2021, 18:00
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30 x 23 cm. Paper, color lithography, partly watercolor, ink.
On some sheets there's a stamp of military topographic depot "Depot of Maps" with two-headed eagle. With tracing paper between the leaves. With bookplate "Ex libris Alexandre Sementchenkoff. Stamp of the Don's Army". Copy in antique owner's half leather binding, with gilt-embossing on the spine. Minor foxing and other staining. Condition is very good. Rarity.


Alexander Ippolitovich Semenchenkov (1872-1920) - Chief of the Novocherkassk Cossack School, major general.

Karl Leopold von Kiel (Lev Ivanovich) (1798-1850), major general of His Imperial Majesty's Retinue, painter. He drew the uniform of the Russian Army in 1815-1819, his drawings were subsequently engraved and published.