[Autograph] Prince Mikhail Argutinsky-Dolgorukov in the uniform of the Life Guards of the Grodno Hussar Regiment. 1934.

France, unknown photographer, 1934.
Re-filming from the original of the first half of the 1910s.
18 x 12.2 cm.
Owner's inscription in pencil “Prince Argutinsky-Dolgoroukov. (Hussarde de Grodno)" on the front side. Dedication in Cyrillic: “Dear / Elizabeth Afanasyevn” / In good memory. / M. Argutinsky Dolgorukov / December 27, 1934" on the reverse side. Fragments of adhesive tape are on all four sides.


Argutinsky-Dolgorukov Mikhail Petrovich (1884-1953) was a prince and a representative of the Armenian noble family.