[Folder with 25 photos] Sevastopol & surroundings.

Published by the art workshop of M. Protopopov. Sevastopol. [Not dated]
Size of the publication: 20.5 x 25 cm. 25 sheets of phototypes pasted on passe-partout.
Photo: 12 x 16 cm. Passe-partout: 20 x 24.5 cm.
Each photograph is pasted on the branded passe-partout of Protopopov's photo studio.
At the bottom right of each passe-partout golden stamp-facsimile seal of the photographer. Сalico brown publishing folder with embossed top cover. The photographed places of Sevastopol are signed in pencil in Cyrillic letters on the back.
Slight staining, foxing.


Mikhail Nikolaevich Protopopov (1860–1927) was a Russian artist, restorer and photographer.