Family archive of L.I. and A.B. Minakov's

Collection of documents, including foreign passport on the name of Alma Borisovna Minakova, issued on 15th of august 1919 in Arkhangelsk and 2 passports of Norway on same name, issued in 1945 and 1955, a certificate of the Russian consulate in Christiania in 1920 and passport of Norway of 1949 on the name of Lukyan Ivanovich Minakov; family photos, including cabinet portraits: 2 of Lukyan Minakov in uniform of a naval officer, 1 of Evgeni von Han.


Lukyan Ivanovich Minakow - michman, mechanic on minesweeper T-20. He participated in the White movement in the Northern front, mechanic on the icebreaker Nr.6