HEINRICH BEFUS (GEB. 1980) / TATYANA ZHAROVA (GEB. 1967). Anthropological Mythology (1).

Part of tryptich. Cardboard, textile, Richelieu lace, primed textiles, oil paints. Mixed media. 43 x 30 cm, 2019.

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7th December 2019, 16:00
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In the triptych "anthropological mythology (#1)" shows the physiological gradient from man to bear, despite the external differences of the characters, you can pay attention to the departments of their brain - they are identical, with small differences, indicating a particular species and its view of the world, in other words, despite the physiological differences, we are all the same. (the concept - from man to bear and its intermediate stage - here is the mythological moment of the work - Interspecific anthropology, plus the social aspect - the three heroes are different, but their kind of activity, way of thinking and interaction with society are the same).