HEINRICH BEFUS (GEB. 1980) / TATYANA ZHAROVA (GEB. 1967). Anthropological Mythology (2).

Part of tryptich. Cardboard, textile, Richelieu lace, primed textiles, oil paints. Mixed media. 43 x 30 cm, 2019.

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7th December 2019, 16:00
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In the triptych "anthropological mythology (#1)" shows the physiological gradient from man to bear, despite the external differences of the characters, you can pay attention to the departments of their brain - they are identical, with small differences, indicating a particular species and its view of the world, in other words, despite the physiological differences, we are all the same. (the concept - from man to bear and its intermediate stage - here is the mythological moment of the work - Interspecific anthropology, plus the social aspect - the three heroes are different, but their kind of activity, way of thinking and interaction with society are the same). Heinrich Befus was born in Omsk (Russia) in 1980, educated in Omsk State Pedagogical University (Faculty of Graphic Arts), specialization: Graphic Artist. He participated in exhibitions in Moscow, Petersburg, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Morocco, Czech Republic and Japan. He worked with various theatres and on many art projects.

Tatyana Zharova was born in Omsk (Russia) in 1967.

Theater artist, designer, stylist.