ANTON LAIKO (GEB. 1962). Сamouflage priest robe.

Fabric, frame, decorative elements, 166 х 90 cm.

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7th December 2019, 16:00
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Anton Laiko works and lives in Berlin. Born in Moscow in 1962. Graduated from School of Mathematics (No.406) for gifted students. Studied literature and cultural history at the Moscow Institute of Culture. Parallel studies for drawing and painting at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. Studied at School of Technics (No.111) with a diploma in weaving and specialist in tapestry. Private studies with the renowned Russian painter Maxim Kantor. 1988 Founding of the artists’ group "5 + 1" with Alexander Sokolov. 1988 1-year apprenticeship as a wood carver. 1991 First exhibitions in the German cities of Munich, Kassel, Hanover, Cologne & Düsseldorf. 1991 Moved residence from Moscow to Düsseldorf 1993 – 1996  Studied at Düsseldorf Academy of Art with Professor Günther Uecker and Magdalena Jetelova as well as Professor I. Kamp.