Kalevala. Finnish folk epic. Translation by L. P. Belsky. Edited by D. V. Bubrich. Foreword by I. M. Mayskiy. Moscow-Leningrad. "Academia". 1933

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25,4 x 18,5 cm. 331 p.
Design of the book by masters of analytical art (school Filonov) Bortsova, Vakhrameev,
Glebova, Zaklikovskaya, Zaltsman, Ivanova, Lesova, Makarov, Meshkov, Poret,
Soboleva, Tagrina, Tsibasova. Edited by P.N. Filonov.
In a hardcover publisher's hardcover binding. Book-cover with tears, minor losses on the edges. Scuffs, stains, tears. Condition is good.