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  1. M. Bush and A. Zamoshkin. The way of Soviet painting. [Put` sovetskoi zhivopisi] 1917-1932.
  2. A. D. Chegodaev. Book and easel graphics for 15 years. [Knizhnaya i stankovaya grafika za 15 let]
  3. R. J. Higer. Paths of architectural thought. [Puti arhitekturnoi mysli] 1917-1932.
  4. Samuel Margolin. Artist of the theater for 15 years. [Hudozhnik teatra za 15 let]
  5. E. L. Matza. Creative questions of Soviet art. [Tvorcheskie voprosy sovetskogo iskusstva]
  6. The struggle for style in painting of XVIII-XIX centuries. Realism. Classicism. Romanticism. [Bor`ba za stil` v zhivopisi XVIII-XIX vekov. Realizm. Klassizism. Romantizm] Moscow. OGIZ-IZOGIZ. 1933.
12.4 x 9.8 cm, 12.9 x 9.9 cm, 159 p., 127 p., 144 p., 128 p., 48 p., 95 p.: ill
Library of Art magazine. Publishing paperbacks. With numerous illustrations. One page spread.
Minor scuffs, stains. Owner's inscriptions. One book has its cover torn off. Condition is good.