V. Svetlov. Anna Pavlova. M. de Brunoff, Paris 1922

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9th October 2019, 17:00
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€ 1600
Illustrated and limited edition (No 91/325), in the case.
Case: 34 x 26 cm, decorated with gold marbled paper. Book: 33 x 25,5 cm; 194 pp.: ill.
Book in french.
On the inside mounted partly gold print illustrations by Bakst, Stevens, J. Lavery, S. Sudeikin, Urban, Hugo, G. Schuster-Woldan, V. Serow, B. Fredmann-Cluzel, A. Yakovlev, K. Korovin, V. Dyatchkov, S. Solomko, V. De Boulongne, B. Anisfeld, G. Barbier, С. Gir, М. Hoffman, P. Trubetzkoy, E. Rosalés and numerous b/w photographs, including full-page photographs.
Case is rubbed on the extremities, spine is worn, text block is in very good condition.
In very good condition.