Cry (Klich). Magazine of national liberation under the banner of a national dictatorship. Numbers 1-18.

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5th December 2023, 19:00
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Full set of the magazine for 1933-1936. Vyborg (Viipuri), (1933–1935); Brussels, 1936 (g.).
Editor M. Romanov. Owner's binding.
In Russian.
Covers designed in the propaganda style. “Klich” published information about life in emigration and in the USSR, obtained through illegal means, political articles, a chronicle of events, and reviews of the Soviet and emigrant press. “Klich” was a patriotic magazine published by a group of “Russian patriots”. Created in the thirties, the years of active propaganda of fascism and national dictatorships, "Klich" was the organ of the Russian fascists, whose program was distinguished by an uncompromising struggle against the communists. The magazine's slogan was: "Without national Russia, there is not and will not be a common world." "The cold, indifferent and immoral attitude of Europe towards our national grief and leaving it to us to "cook and clear up the mess" will entail inevitable retribution for Europe's blindness" - (from an article in the magazine No. 3). The first magazine of activists in exile with a solid national ideological foundation.” (From the description of A. Savin).
Number 3, 4, 6 without publisher's wrappers. Overall very good condition.
Extremely rare.