Slavonic and Oriental ornament according to manuscripts of Ancient and Modern times.

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Collected and researched by Vladimir Stasov. Published with the highest permission of Emperor Alexander II. St. Petersburg Cartographic establishment A.A. Ilyina, 1887. - tit. l., [8], 78 pp., 156 tables of coloured lithographs (full set); 455 x 328 mm.
In Russian and French.
In the owner's binding (see photo). Rare temporary spots. The block is in very good condition. Stamp bookplates of the Faberge jewelry company. A major publication by Vladimir Stasov, dedicated to Slavic and oriental ornaments. To compile this work, Stasov examined almost all the largest collections of books kept by private individuals in libraries in Russia and Europe. He collected material for the publication for more than 25 years.
NB. 587