DUCHESNE AINE, Jean (1779-1855). Apollon Lycien. Copperplate engraving, uncolored.

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DUCHESNE AINE, Jean (1779-1855).
Apollon Lycien .
Copperplate engraving, uncolored.
Ancient Greco-Roman Statues from Musée Francais; Recueil Des Plus Beaux Tableaux, Statues, et Bas-Reliefs Qui Existaient Au Louvre Avant 1815. [Museum of France; A Collection of the Most Beautiful Paintings, Statues, and Bas-Reliefs That Were at the Louvre Before 1815].
Published W. Galignani and J.O. Robinson, Paris and London: 1829, printed by Jules Didot.
Copperplate engraving, uncolored
23 x 17 inches, overall. Very good condition.