France. Third French Republic. Medal for the defenders of Port Arthur.

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France, Paris, 1904–1905. Workshop of Ch. F. Froment-Meurice. Medalist A. J. Allar. The inscriptions on the front side of the medal near the circle: "FROMENT-MEURICE" and "A. Allar").
Weight: 12.86 g.
Size: 32 mm.
Silver. Hallmarks on the front side of the medal to the right of the circle: the hallmark of the workshop and the name of the metal "ARGENT". Excellent condition, the ear is broken off. Peters - 207. Peters 2005 - 36. Chepurnov - 993. Quite rare.
The medal was made on the initiative of Henri Simon, publisher of the French newspaper "Eco de Paris", with money raised by voluntary subscription. 6000 (5982) silver medals were made.