St. George Medal (For Bravery) 1st class, No. 16413 on handmade medal bar with a ribbon.

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19th October 2022, 18:00
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Russian Empire, Petrograd mint, 1915. Medalist A.F. Vasyutinsky (without signature).
Diameter: 27.8 mm.
Weight: 17.39g
Gold, round hallmark of the certificate.
Good condition. Rare.
Dyakov.1133.11. Bitkin.1106.
The St. George medal "For Bravery" 1st class No. 16413 was awarded to Bazhanov Nikolai Grigorievich, junior non-commissioned officer of the 15th company of the 93rd infantry Irkutsk regiment "for the fact that in the battle on June 22, 1916 near the Jarno swamp, commanding a platoon, he knocked the enemy out of the area assigned to him, achieving overall success."