ArtNega (GEB. 1990). "MAMA, ICH BIN IN BERLIN"

Acryl auf Leinwand, 9,7 x 9,7 cm, 2018 (Kyrillische Buchstaben).

ArtNega is the all-name of the Russian underground artist. Street Art, painting, graphics, theater, museum. The new school of Russian Art has gathered all the techniques and directions. ArtNega is a bright representative of a new trend.

Participation in numerous exhibitions and the organization of their own, made – SK – known in wide circles.

The temporary museum, as a rejection of the usual forms of the exhibition, appeared on the walls around the world.

From Bangkok to New York.

The paintings could be on the wall, or could fit in the hand.  The format of Travel Pictures appeared in 2018. The first in the series was the painting "Mom, I am in Berlin" 10 x 10 in size.

This was a new wave of art, which allowed to reach the viewer wherever he was. 24/7

Famous sites in the biography also have:

  • Hermitage St. Petersburg
  • East Side Gallery, where STUDIOKAIF and Nega resonated with people from all over the world. Famous kisses on the Berlin Wall scattered across the net, as a sign of endless love for the world and for the walls in
  • DorDor Moscow underground contemporary art project

The most striking projects where the museum was adopted and correctly received.

Now Nega is engaged in independent projects and the organization of a temporary museum in all countries.

More than 100 paintings by the artist are in private collections around the world.

"A picture is a leap into eternity.” – the words of the Artist.