Ustina Yakovleva
Morphologies Of Transformation


Artist: Ustina Yakovleva

29.10.2016 at 18:00, performance at 19:00
Location: "Cabinet", Carmerstr. 11, 10623 Berlin
Opening times: Mon – Fri, 10 – 18h


In her art Ustina Yakovleva explores the nature of subjective memory, which works as a filter by selecting key impressions of different objects and phenomena. Sometimes the color dominates the form, at other times tactility lies in the foreground. Ustina Yakovleva turns facets of subjective impressions into prototypes of perception, which are able to activate an abundant set of associations in the mind of the beholder. The new formations embody flexibility, freedom and perseverance, which are fundamental to transformation processes.

Yakovleva's art works have an enormous narrative and emotional potential. They open the prospect of stage design that may serve as an inspiration for a new play, without being based on any text.

The exhibition is taking place as part of the Russian Theater Spring Festival 2016 and includes five items as well as an extraordinary book project of the contemporary artist from Moscow. There will also be video projections of mythical sea monsters taken from the 1539's work of Swedish cartographer Olaus Magnus "Carta Marina" and "Mostri marini & terrestri, che si tovano in ogni luogo nelle parti d'aquilone", painted by German cosmographer Sebastian Muenster in 1550.

At the opening of the exhibition, the visitors are to witness the performance "ЧАЯНИЯ" ["Yearning"] by contemporary Moscow theater director Ilya Kiporenko and actress Kristina Isaykina in collaboration with video artist Daniil Sukhovskiy. The performance analyzes the phenomenon of yearning – a strong desire for something distant and unattainable, usually accompanied by expectations, hopes and dreams.


Ausstellung Morphologien des Wandels