Russian Empire. Unknown photographer. 1900s.

Photo size: 17.5 x 23.5 cm
An owner's inscription in Latin on the reverse side: "A.V. Razvozoff, Helsingfors (Helsinki)".

From the archive of the family of Rear Admiral Alexander Vladimirovich Razvozov (1879 - 1920).


Alexander Vladimirovich Razvozov (1879-1920). In 1898 Razvozov graduated from the Naval Cadet Corps. He became a lieutenant in 1902. He served as a junior and then as a senior mine officer on the battleship Retvizan (1901-1904). Razvozov participated in the trawling of the Port Arthur raid. In November - December 1904 he was at the disposal of the chief of defense of the fortress of Port Arthur "for the manufacture of mine mortars, "bombs" and the organization of their usage on the front lines." He refused to give the Japanese a signature on further non-participation in the war after the surrender of the fortress. Was in Japanese captivity in Matsuyama (December 1904 - February 1906). Was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral for distinction on 07/07/1917. Served as commander of the Baltic Fleet (07/18/1917 - 12/05/1917). Was dismissed from service (07.12.1917). He served in the Workers ' and Peasants' Red Navy. Served as Chief of the Baltic Sea Naval Forces (03/12/1918 - 03/20/1918). Was arrested by  on March 23, 1918, but soon released. In 1918-1919 worked in the Naval Historical Commission at the Maritime Archives. In September 1919 was arrested by the All-Russian Extraordinary Commissionon on charges of participating in a military conspiracy. He died on June 14, 1920 in the Kresty prison. Holder of the Orders of: St. Vladimir 4th degree with swords and a bow (1904, "for repelling the attacks of torpedo boats and fire ships on 11.02.1904"), arms of St.Anne Order with the inscription "For bravery" (1905, for courage and dedication during the siege of the fortress of Port Arthur), St. Stanislaus 2nd degree with swords (1905), St. Anne 2nd degree with swords (1905).