Lot of 2 books about Y. Chauvire. 1. Chauviré I. Je suis ballerine. Paris, Conquistador, 1961. 2. . Guillot de Rode F. Yvette Chauviré. Dix reproductions photographiques. Cinq compositions de Jean-Denis Malclès. Paris, R. Fromentin and J. Driay, 1949.

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14th November 2018, 16:09
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1. 19 х 13,7 cm; 102, [2] p. Issue in French.
2 small photographs of Y. Chauvire glued in. Copy in the original calico cover and dust jacket, in great condition. The dust jacket in slightly torn on the edges.
2. Non-numbered copy of a small print run edition (360 copies). Illustrated issue in French. 25,3 х 16,7 cm; 63, [10] p. [10] p. photo, [5] p. ill. Copy in the original paper cover. The block consists of 3 parts - text part on thick paper, photographs of laid paper and drawings by Malcles on graph paper. Copy in great condition. Several pages with drawings are not separated. Slightly torn by the lower part of the backbone, the edges of the cover are sagged. Slight staining of the cover.