[Autograph of Emperor Nicholas II] Supreme certificate of the Emperor Nicholas II. Telegram Nr. 191 from 9th of May 1912

Lot of four items:
1. Supreme certificate about the distinction of the 7th Olviopol Uhlan Regiment of His Majesty the Spanish King Alfons XIII with signature of Nicholas II. Livadiya, from 9th of May 1912. 35.4 x 32.1 cm, [4] p. The regulation is written in black ink in Russian, with pre-revolutionary orthography. Embossed paper seal (partly torn) above the rest of the lacquer seal.

2. List of component accessories, applied to the standard. 35.2 x 22 cm, [4] pp.

3. Envelope of the certificate, list and telegram. 19.5 x 24.5 cm. Paper, textile, traces of lacquer seal with the coat of arms.

4. Telegram Nr. 191 from 9th of May 1912 from Livadiya to Warsaw, to the commander of army on a blank.
26.3 x 21.3 cm.
Telegram is written in black ink in Cyrillic with pre-revolutionary orthography: "Благодарю Ольвiопольскихъ уланъ / за столѣтнюю преданную и честную / службу своимъ Государямъ и Россiи. / Николай." (Eng: Thanks to the Olviopol Uhlans /for the 100 years of devotedly and candid /service to their kings and Russia. / Nikolai.").

All items are in good or satisfying condition.

On 10th of January 1908 King Alfonso XIII of Spain was appointed Chief of the 7th Olviopol Uhlan Regiment. In return, Nicholas II was appointed Chief of the 5th Farnese Cavalry Uhlan Regiment - tracing its origins back to Spain's oldest cavalry unit, the Hesse-Habsburg Tertia. The royal families had friendly relations. After Nicholas II's abdication, Alfonso XIII offered him asylum in Spain and subsequently made great efforts to save the royal family.