Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich Romanov with spouse Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna. Cartes de visite, portraits

St. Petersburg, photo studio Wesenberg and Co., 1874.

Size of photo 8.4 x 5 cm; size of passepartout: 10.5 x 6 cm.
Photo glued on branded passepartout.
On edges yellowing, right lower corner is cracked.


The Grand Duke is shown in the uniform of an adjutant.

Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich (1847-1909) was the third son of Emperor Alexander II; senator (from 1868), member of the Council of State (from 1872), adjutant general, general of infantry (1880), Chief of the Life Guard of the Dragoon Regiment. During the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878 he commanded the 12th corps and was on the left flank of the Ruschuk detachment of the Heir Tsarevich (later Emperor Alexander III). In March 1881 he was appointed regent in the event of the death of Emperor Alexander III before the heir to the throne Nikolai Alexandrovich came of age. In 1884-1905 he was Commander-in-Chief of the Guards and the St. Petersburg Military District.