Photo of Emperor Nicholas II on horseback with his Retinue touring the parade line of squadrons of His Majesty's Ulan Life Guards Regiment. St. Petersburg. Photo by A. Otsup (?) 1910s.

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Russian Empire, St. Petersburg. Photo by A. Otsup (?).
13.3 x 23 cm.


Otsup  Alexander (1878 - 1920) - Russian photographer. Supplier and court photographer of the imperial family. In 1898, he bought a photo studio from Klyuver's relatives at 2 Basseynaya St., corner of Liteiny Prospekt 36, and became its owner. Later he began to cover the public life of the royal family for circulation in the press. He produced and distributed cards for members of the imperial family. Otsup was invited to give lessons in photography to the Dowager Empress Maria Fiodorovna Romanova, a well-known admirer of this art.