Poster of the operetta performance "The Divorced Wife" at the Krasnoselsky Theater on August 2, 1910.

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Poster of the operetta performance "The Divorced Wife".

28.1 x 13.3 cm. Print on paper.
Fold mark in the middle.

The poster comes from the documents of Major de Vallières (Pierre des Vallières), who was present at the maneuvers in Krasnoe Selo in the summer of 1910.
Krasnoselsky Theater was a summer theater in Krasnoye Selo near St. Petersburg. It was created in 1851 "for the entertainment of the Guards officers during summer exercises near Krasnoye Selo." Only officers with their families were allowed to the performances. The change of scenery, cleaning of the stage and premises were done by the soldiers. The first meetings of Tsarevich Nikolai Alexandrovich and the dancer Matilda Kshesinskaya took place behind the scenes of the theater in 1890.