Photo of His Serene Highness Prince Konstantin Alexandrovich Gorchakov at a costume ball in 1903.

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Russian Empire, St. Petersburg, photo studio of F.G.Boasson and F.O.Eggler. 1903.

Photo: 19.6 x 10 cm. Passe-partout: 26.6 x 15.3 cm.
The photo is pasted on a passe-partout.
Minor wear and discoloration. Inscription in French in black ink at the bottom.


The famous 1903 ball in the Winter Palace was a luxurious ball during the reign of the Emperor Nicholas II of Russia. It was held in the Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg. All the visitors were in bejeweled 17th-century style costumes based on the designs of the artist Sergey Solomko made in collaboration with historical experts.

The entire Imperial family posed in rich 17th-century costumes, many wearing priceless original items brought specially from the Kremlin, for what was to be their final photograph together. "Album of the Costume Ball in the Winter Palace" was published later based on the photographs.

His Serene Highness Prince Konstantin Alexandrovich Gorchakov (1841–1926) was the son and the heir of the State Chancellor Alexander Mikhailovich Gorchakov. He was assigned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.