Photo of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich Romanoff (son of Emperor Alexander II) with his family and guests on the terrace of the imperial palace in Ropsha. May 22, 1898. By L. Gorodetsky.

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25th November 2020, 16:00
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Russian Empire, Tsarskoe Selo, photo studio of L. Gorodetsky, late 19th century.
Photo: 27 x 23 cm, passe-partout: 22 x 30 cm
The photo is pasted on a branded passe-partout.

Depicted sitting on the steps are: Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich Romanoff (the Younger); Lieutenant General A.N. Nikolaev; Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich Romanoff; Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich Romanoff; prince of imperial blood, Duke of Leuchtenberg Georgy Maximilianovich Romanovsky. Depicted in the second row are: Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna Romanoff and Grand Duke Pavel Alexandrovich Romanoff. Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna Romanoff is depicted in the third row, the third from the left. The far right is Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich Romanoff. O.V. Pistolkors (beloved and later wife of Grand Duke Pavel Alexandrovich) is standing between Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna and Grand Duke Pavel Alexandrovich.