Framed photo of Grand Dukes Alexander Alexandrovich Romanoff and Vladimir Alexandrovich Romanoff. Depicted in full dress uniforms of the Imperial family rifle battalion in the second half of the 1850s.

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Photo reproduction:
Serbia, photographer L. Karpov, 1930s.
16.6 x 11.8 cm.
The seal "L. Karpov Fotograf / Beograd.Smiljaniceva37" and owner's notes in pencil can be seen on the reverse side.

Western Europe, unknown workshop, middle of the 20th century.
19 x 14 cm.
Wood, glass, gilding.

On October 1, 1856, Emperor Alexander II became the chief of the Rifle battalion of the Imperial family, and all the Grand Dukes – the sons of emperors Nicholas I and Alexander II – and the Dukes of Leuchtenberg Nicholas Maximilianovich and George Maximilianovich were enrolled in the battalion's lists. The Grand Dukes would become enrolled in the lists of the battalion (later the regiment) at birth in the future.