Photo of the French delegation led by General Raoul de Boisdeffre, Admiral Jean Salandrouse de Lamorne at the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II on May 14, 1896, accompanied by officers of the Russian Imperial Army.

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Moscow, the photo studio of Pyotr Pavlov. 1896
Photo: 28 x 37.5 cm, passe-partout: 50.5 x 58.5 cm.
The photo is pasted on branded passe-partout of the Pavlov's photo studio.
Foxing and traces of water on the passe-partout.

Names of depicted persons in the photograph are wtitten down in black ink in Latin characters at the bottom: “Cap. de Labry, G-al Jeannerod, l-t de V. Richter, C.A. Sallandrouze de Lamornaix, Cap. Prince Orloff, G-al Comte Koutayssoff, Cap. Prince Gagarine, Collonel Zouieff, G-le de Boisdeffre, Cap. Hély d'Oissel, Mollard, Comt Pauffin de St Morel, G-al. Tournier, Lt-Colonel Ménétrez, Cap. Sadi Carnot "
From left to right: Captain Viscount S.-G. Olri de Labry, General J. Jeannero, Lieutenant V. Richter, Admiral Zh-Sh. A.A. Salallandruz de Lamorne, Captain Prince A.N. Orlov, General Count P.I. Kutaisov, Captain Prince N.N. Gagarin, Colonel D.P. Zuev, General R. de Boisdefre, Captain A. Elie de Hussel, Monsieur A. Mollard, Count G. Poffin de Saint Morel, General M.Sh. J. Tournier, lieutenant-colonel J.-B. Sh. Menetrez, Captain L.I.S. Carnot".

There are representatives of the Russian imperial army accompanying the delegation among the French generals and officers: the head captain of the Life Guards Cavalry Regiment, assistant military attaché in Paris Alexei Nikolaevich Orlov (1867-1962); captain, adjutant to the chief of the General Staff, Prince Nikolai Nikolayevich Gagarin (1859–?); Lieutenant General Count Pavel Ippolitovich Kutaisov (1837 / 8–1911) and others.