Qama dagger for the lower ranks of the Caucasian Cossack troops, with an engraving of His Imperial Majesty's Own Convoy.

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19th October 2022, 18:00
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Russian Empire, 1908.
Steel, silver, bone, leather, engraving, blackening.
The total length of the dagger is 440 mm, the length of the blade is 325 mm, the width of the blade is 33 mm. Sheath length - 355 mm.
Blade of the Zlatoust Arms Factory with 4 fullers, on one side of the blade there is an engraving of the ЗОФ factory with the date 1908, on the other side there is a marking "2C" and two stars. Has signs of corrosion.
The handle is made of bone, decorated with a silver plate with three buttons, with niello ornament.
The scabbard is wooden, covered with modern black leather, the mouth and the tip with a ball are made of silver. From the outside, the metal device is decorated with a floral ornament with an imperial two-headed eagle (tip). On the inside, on the mouth, the letters “C.E.И.В.K” (His Imperial Majesty's Own Convoy) are inscribed with blackening.
Under the inscription there is an hallmark “84” and a letter “x” under the back of the head (Don hallmark office and hallmarks of Astrakhan and the Terek region 1908-1926). On the reverse side of the tip, in letters with blackening in Cyrillic“A.C."
Has natural signs of aging and wear
Very rare.

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