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06.03.2019 at 16.00 will be our 7th auction "Old books. Posters. Photographs. Russian books".
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March, the 6th 2019

Istoricheskaya rukopis`. Rodoslovie ot Adama k rossiiskim knyaz`yam, gosudaryam, tsaryam, imperatoram I chadam ih ot Rurika.
Pushkin A. Evgenii Onegin, roman v stikhah. Moscow, 1893.
Ragozina Z. A. Drevneyshaya istoriya Vostoka [Ancient history of the East] (4 books). St Petersburg. T-va A.F. Marks
Pushkin A. Pikovaya dama. St Petersburg, 1911.
Evreinov N. Istoriya telesnih nakazaniy v Rossii. St Petersburg, [1913].
Letopisniy i  Litsevoy izbornik doma Romanovykh.  [Chronicle and Facial Izbornik Romanov House. Commemorative edition commemorating the 300th anniversary of the reign, 1613-1913]. 2 issues. Moscow, [1913].
Grigoriev B. Raseya. Berlin-Potsdam, 1922.
Falk R. Teatral`nie raboty 1925-27 v GOSET.  Moscow, 2015.
[Rozenbaum A]. [Rand, Ayn]. Pola Negri. Library of Popular Film. Moscow and Leningrad: Kino izdatel'stvo R.S.F.S.R., 1925.
Zagorskii M. Mikhoels. Moscow, 1927.  [Jewish theatre, Mikhoels, Granovsky] Moscow and Leningrad. Kino Pechat, 1927.
Jar-Ptitza. Literaturno-hudozhestvennii zhurnal. Paris, Berlin, 1921-1926. All 14 vols.
A collection of two convolutes.
"Chto posezal, to i pozhnesh. Ot suda ne uidesh!". Moscow-Leningrad, 1945.
Napoleon was defeated. That will be with Hitler!”. Serbia. 1941.
His Instruments: Democracy, Freemasonry, Communism, Capitalism” Serbia. [1941].
Tchapaev. [Chapaev]. [1980s].
A Man`s Destiny. [Sudba cheloveka]. [1980s].
[The Decorative Art By Leon Bakst]. Paris, 1913.
Saudé J. Traité d`Enluminure d`Art au Pochoir.  Ill. L. Chapuis. Aux Éditions de L`Ibis, Paris. 1925.
Kipling R. Kim. Illustration de F. L. Schmied. Traduit par Louis Fabulet et Ch. Fountaine-Walker. In 2 volumes. Gonin et Cie, Editeurs, Lausanne. 1930.

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Since September 2006 the auction house "Kabinett" carries out auctions on Russian painting and graphics of the XVIII.-XX. centuries, on Phaleristics and numismatics - objects of history of the Russian Empire, on Old and rare books, maps and engravings, on Russian silver, Arts and crafts from the XVIII.-XX. centuries as well as Objects from the Fabergé workshop.


In the forthcoming season fall-spring 2016-2017 the auction house "Kabinett" is planning to carry out one auction on European and Russian art and Arts and crafts of the XVIII.-XX. centuries, a further one on Contemporary Art and Photography and a third auction on Old and rare books, maps and engravings. All auctions will take place in February 2017.