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Auction №4.Russian Seasons

Auktion "Les Saisons Russes"
Hotel Bristol
Kurfürstendamm 27; 10719 Berlin
Salon Cecilienhof. Action beginn at 15.00
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21 juny 2018

M. Dobuzinskij (1875-1975). Lot from three costume designs for the scene Walpurgis Night to the opera Faust
Design for four women's costumes - Khovannychina Opera
Programme of N. Trouhanowa's concert.
A lot of 7 programmes and 1 flyer Anna Pavlova performances in the UK and Australia in 1929 and 1930
[BALLETS PARIS, ROLAND PETIT, BABILÉE, DERAIN] Lot of 7 specimen, dedicated to the French ballet.
Book and collection of research material for the book Jean Thomassen, Anna Pavlova, Triomf en tragedie van een mega-star. 1881-1931,
Letter from Matilda Kshesinskaia to Ms. Bertholnv, Montreal, dated April 4, 1943.
Photograph of Feodor Chaliapin as Boris Godunov with a dedicatory inscription to D.I. Oznobishin.

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21st June 2018, 15:00

Auction №4

Russian seasons

Showing in auction house Kabinett: Carmerstrasse 11, 10623 Berlin. 18-20 Juny 2018 from 11.00 to 18.30 Uhr


Since September 2006 the auction house "Kabinett" carries out auctions on Russian painting and graphics of the XVIII.-XX. centuries, on Phaleristics and numismatics - objects of history of the Russian Empire, on Old and rare books, maps and engravings, on Russian silver, Arts and crafts from the XVIII.-XX. centuries as well as Objects from the Fabergé workshop.


In the forthcoming season fall-spring 2016-2017 the auction house "Kabinett" is planning to carry out one auction on European and Russian art and Arts and crafts of the XVIII.-XX. centuries, a further one on Contemporary Art and Photography and a third auction on Old and rare books, maps and engravings. All auctions will take place in February 2017.